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Twelve is a leading technological service in its field, the advertisement solutions we serve are of the highest quality. We are committed to always stay ahead of the competitors in order to enhance our clients performance. The unique added value we provide makes sure that your audience is always getting the best possible offer in the most engaging manner. Through our groundbreaking methods we have become one of the best personal offers services available in terms of results and personalized service. Use our services and unleash the power of our technology to save users time and money like never before, you will thanks us, your visitors will thanks you.


We create profitable opportunities for a wide range of clientele, we use our years of experience to provide our customers the best service possible. With our talented team of experts, we are able to target and convert our clients potential audience, we pride ourselves with the highest levels of success rates in comparison to our industry leading competition. We never offer one size fits all solutions and we are obligated by our mission and vision to constantly optimize our performance to better serve our customers needs. If you want to build a fun engaging platform that website visitors love to interact with, Twelve is the right service for you and the best service for your visitors.


The analyzing functionality of our cutting edge engine ensures that we are always making the most profits for our long list of partners, with our award winning research development team the sky is not the limit. The fast pace global environment has pushed us to create the most advanced solutions available in our industry. With constant expected changes we are the safety net that allows you to concentrate on reaching your objective. What we love most about our technology is that it actually learns what your visitors want and brings you the best offers possible for a better web browsing experience.


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